What’s Different?

Easy and efficient
Easy English is a very unique multi-media program designed to be carried into the community in a backpack and can be viewed with a laptop.

Each lesson includes clever pictures with actions to teach the sounds, rhythmic speech exercises and rhythm-reading activities with added language practice of questions and answers. The lesson wraps up with a game, a rhyme, or a craft to apply the learning. (The 71 lesson program includes 13 hours of audio-visual teaching/reading on Flash Drive, three flip-chart books, a Picture Letter Directory and a Teachers Guide)

Enjoyable for all ages
The colorful, illustrated books are in giant block print and are visible to an entire classroom or group of 50 children. The video portions are interactive. We have yet to meet an adult who can’t benefit from the pronunciation and language exercises as well.

Through rhythm training, we can change our brain, improve listening, memory and focus.

What is it?img_2249

  • Sound to Code approach
  • Rhythm based
  • Picture keyed
  • Whole brain learning
  • Neural plasticity
  • Trains the ears
  • Increases focus and improves behavior

Fun activities and songs to increase practice and improve memory.

The entire kit including the three colorful flip-books, picture directory, teachers guide and 13 hours of video instruction, is only $250. (Note: 501(c)3 nonprofit ministries to the poor/disenfranchised may apply to reproduce the materials for outreach purposes.)