Our Mission

Learning to speak English well opens untold opportunities.

A child who knows English can leave a life of poverty behind.

Our mission: to further the gospel by providing teachers and ministers worldwide with easy-to-use materials which teach clear English pronunciation skills through advanced brain-training techniques.

Our purpose: to help children to learn to speak American English well and open up opportunities for them in a  global community.

Our call: Teach children English so that they can connect with God’s word quickly and efficiently through worldwide resources.

Who made this program?
Easy English was developed through the non-profit organization, Teach My Children English, Inc.  The IMG_3206author/ founder is Teri Spray, an education specialist who has been improving children’s brains through brain training. She has now authored over 3000 pages of curriculum. Dec. 2011 Teri was awakened with a call of God to, “Teach my children English!” Her obedience to “The Call” developed the Easy English program you see here.

Do you want to reach the lost through English Teaching?
As you know, the ability to speak American English clearly opens doors to global opportunity while closing doors to poverty, sex trafficking, and child labor. Purchase your own set of materials and you can start helping people tomorrow.